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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Chicken Little Died

The presidential election is over. Even hardened news junkies are glad to see this campaign season come to an end.

Reflecting on the rhetoric that has been used and abused the last two years, I’m reminded of the story of Chicken Little. You remember – the little chicken who saw something fall from the sky, made an illogical assumption, panicked, then ran around telling everyone that the sky was falling.

The following are some of the Chicken Little shriekings that we were subjected to during the campaign:

· President Bush talks to God. Oh horrors! Can you imagine, the most powerful man in the world actually says he talks to God! Interesting that a recent poll indicates seven out of ten Americans want their president to be religious. Keep praying, Mr. President!

· Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time. Really? Based upon what? And who attacked who anyway? Right now the bad guys are coming to us in Iraq, and dying in large numbers. Beats having to kill them in our own backyard.

· The tax break is for the wealthiest Americans. Uh, this is simply wrong. The wealthiest among us pay the majority of the taxes. If not, the burden on the middle class would be enormous and impossible. The poor are normally exempt. This is a crass attempt at fomenting class warfare.

· Minorities, particularly blacks, are discouraged from voting. Oh, I see. That’s why the president carried the Catholic vote. He garnered forty-two percent of the Hispanic vote. And twenty-four percent of the Jewish vote. The women’s vote? Huge. Blacks? Major shift for the president.

· The president is dividing the country. Now, hold on. Have you seen the voting results listed by county on the red and blue map of the United States? Amazing! The whole country looks RED (as in Republican). A record turn-out of voters, and the largest winning margin, taking almost every county in the country, and the country is divided? I think not.

· The rest of the world hates us. The truth is – they don’t. It wouldn’t matter if they did. Of greater importance is whether the rest of the world respects us. Ask yourself – “If the rest of the world hates us, why are so many people attempting to come to America?” Hmmmm?

· This administration will bring back the draft. This, too, is not true. It was actually two Democratic Congressmen who proposed this idea about two years ago. It was flatly rejected by the administration. Our “All Volunteer” military is doing just fine.

· The war in Iraq is about “blood for oil.” Sure it is. That’s why the prices of oil have steadily gone up since we took Iraq! The real story is that France, Russia and the United Nations will no longer be able to steal oil from Iraq. We still buy our oil from the countries of the Middle East – at fifty plus dollars a barrel!

The American people have spoken, and spoken loudly, in this election. Values, morals, and doing what is right is more important than placating European nations, pacifying terrorists, or molly-coddling the Liberal Left.

There will always be Chicken Little’s in the world, wailing that we are doomed. I see it entirely differently. I believe God has shown mercy to us by having a strong, God-fearing, resolute leader in the White House.

God has blessed America – again.

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