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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stop the Insanity

I’m in a quandary.

The article for this week was to be a humorous endeavor wherein I share with you my observations while traveling. I’m an inveterate people-watcher. I find it both amusing, as well as entertaining. The article was mostly written last week. It will have to wait.

What I really want to do today is write an article allowing me to vent my spleen regarding the utterly detestable, irresponsible news reporting that is foolishly referred to as journalism. It is an embarrassment to the profession.

What I’m talking about is the story run in Newsweek last week where they reported that our military members serving in Guantanimo Bay, Cuba, desecrated the Islamic Holy Book, the Koran, by flushing it down the toilet in an attempt to humiliate the detainees. When I first heard this report I admit I was disgusted. But then I caught myself. “Wait just a minute!” I said. “I know our military. I don’t believe this story.” I even said so to my wife. Sure enough, we now know that this story was not true, with Newsweek supposedly making an apology in their next issue. I can’t wait to see how they word this. If the apologist Newsweek used on the TV networks is any indication of what the magazine will say, then they can save it.

What has been the fall-out from this erroneous story? Anti-American rioting in the Islamic streets, with more than a dozen people known to have been killed. Newsweek says, “Sorry!” and gets a pass. This is reprehensible!

Those in the media with a bias against the war effort are willing to say whatever they believe needs to be said in order to get the outcome they want. May I remind you all that we are in a state of war against terrorism? Our efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq are designed to destroy the terrorist structure that has not only controlled much of the Islamic Middle East, but has targeted the United States and various European and African nations for annihilation.

Couple this malicious news reporting with a radio program I heard over the weekend and it is frightening what some folks are willing to say in an attempt to win the ideological wars. I had heard recently about a new radio broadcast called Air America. It is supposed to be the liberal response to Rush Limbaugh and the predominantly conservative talk radio. Wow! I couldn’t believe what I heard.

It was while I was in San Diego attending a military conference. Driving to the Naval Amphibious Base on the island of Coronado, I decided to see what was on the air. I tuned to what obviously was Air America. How did I know it was Air America? Well, the vitriolic, hateful, demeaning speech that emanated from the radio nearly took my breath away. I couldn’t confirm this until a station break, but I’d read about this radio programming. Every mention of a conservative was preceded with a less than flattering adjective. Having learned math the old fashioned way, I put two and two together and came up with Air America. I was right.

Liberal media types are not the only ones who speak in such an irrational manner. The conservatives certainly have their share of bombastic name callers who have forgotten what civility is all about. Ann Coulter comes to mind. Her most recent book, “How to Talk to a Liberal if you Must,” is an example of such childish, disrespectful attempts at making a point. It is done so by tearing someone else down, using character assassination, all in a shameful marketing ploy.

I have no time for such lack of character. The moment the mouth is engaged, you have lost the argument. Grow up.

As for news journalists, the world is not a platform for you to spew out your own ideological bents. You’re supposed to report news in an unbiased manner. Look up unbiased in the dictionary. It says, “unprejudiced; impartial.” Synonyms are: fair, equitable, tolerant, neutral.

I earned my bachelors degree in Radio & TV Broadcasting where I was required to take several courses in journalism. I know what it’s supposed to look like. I rarely see it anymore today. And that’s a shame for our country and the world.

People are dead because of a selfish need to push a personal agenda. More people will die before this matter is resolved.

The Bible once again proves to be correct. In the book of James it says this about the tongue: “Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person . . . .no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.”

Sobering, but true. I choose not to be poisoned by Newsweek, Air America, Ann Coulter or anyone else flinging their wretchedness in my direction. Clean up your act. Repent of your foolishness. Sanctify your heart.

It would be a good start in stopping the insanity.

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