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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Amnesty Bill

Let’s look at the Amnesty Bill. This is a disaster in the making.

Here are some of the things that are troubling to me, and they should be troubling to you. My response follows each amnesty item.

1) An illegal alien would have legal status after just twenty-four hours in the U.S., even without a complete background check which would be impossible to perform in so short a time. This is a joke! Having spent a lifetime in the military, at times requiring higher security clearances depending on the assignment, I can assure you, there is no quick way of performing a background check. My background is as clean as a whistle, and it still takes several weeks!

2) American taxpayers will be paying the attorney’s fees for the lawyers who represent these illegal aliens. Uh, allow me to address the ABA (American Bar Association): How about some pro bono here? Give the taxpayers a break!

3) Illegal aliens will be able to obtain permanent temporary visas, which means they can renew their temporary visas indefinitely. A “permanent temporary” visa? This is either an oxymoron or a beautiful example of double-speak. Looks like both to me.

4) Illegal alien gang members in the U.S. will be offered amnesty if they say they don’t want to be gang members any longer. Just say the magic words and, Presto! Bingo! All is forgiven! While you’re at it, just move on into the neighborhood!

5) We’ll be paying to help keep Mexicans in Mexico, by providing the Mexican government with taxpayer money to provide Mexicans with education and health care. Right! And I’m the Tooth Fairy. Do you seriously believe our taxpayer money is ever going to get past Mexican bureaucrats? Bureaucrats giving bureaucrats money. Now that’s funny!

6) Illegal aliens will not have to pay all those back taxes they owe for having worked in the U.S. Why not? If you and I fail to do so, we have the feds breathing down our necks, hitting us with penalties and threats of incarceration. Oh, I forgot. The current administration is an exception. You can be appointed as the Treasury Secretary even if you haven’t paid your taxes. Silly me!

7) The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) program which would open our borders with Mexico and Canada, creating the North American Union (NAU), following the model of the European Union. Let me try to be kind here. The European Union has been a disaster. Why would we want to follow this model?

8) Border security would become non-existent. It’s not even mentioned in this bill. The proposed 800 mile border fence with Mexico would be reduced to 200 miles. Why put any fence up at all if we’re going to open the borders? See #7 above.

9) There would also be in-state tuition given to illegal aliens, a gift not available to Americans. Have you looked at the cost of tuition lately? And this will be free for illegal aliens? Please!

10) Illegal aliens would also be permitted to cut to the head of the line – ahead of those who have gone about entering the U.S. through the proper legal channels. This is simply wrong! There is no reasonable argument to justify this injustice to those who are going about entering the United States legally. I personally watched this process over the past few years when it took my brother-in-law nearly two years to bring his fiancée into the U.S. from Brazil – legally.

11) There is also amnesty for illegal aliens who were ordered to be deported from the U.S. Ordered to be deported? So please explain to me why is it now okay for them to stay in the U.S.?

12) Learning English would not be required until the ninth year of amnesty. To use text messaging shorthand: LOL! Why require it at all then? Is there something wrong with learning English? It is absurd to even raise the question of a national language in America. We are an English-speaking country. Get over it!

13) Illegal aliens will be eligible for the earned income tax credit, even though they didn’t pay taxes in the first place. Have we gone nuts? So now we give illegals who do not pay taxes in the first place, an earned income tax credit. Free money for doing nothing! You gotta love this country!

I obtained this list of items about the Amnesty Bill from a CNN broadcast given on the Lou Dobbs program.

Now there may be some silly people who will dismiss my objections to the Amnesty Bill by assuming that I have a phobia about Hispanics. They’ll say I’m prejudiced. I will not even dignify this assumption with a response, other than to say I am married to a lady who was born and raised in Portugal. Any questions?

I am very aware that there are real problems surrounding any discussion dealing with illegal aliens. By the same token, there are no easy answers. But the current legislation, which may be signed by the president as early as December 31st, is not the answer!

My objections center on the term “illegal.” One of the reasons I love this country so much is because of its ethnic diversity. It’s a beautiful thing! All should be welcomed to our shores. Just come here legally. Please!

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