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Friday, December 23, 2005

A Simple Question

Who will stop the terrorists?

As we come into 2006 the battle against Islamo-facists continues. With impunity, these reprobates and their hate-filled religious perversion continue to spread fear by intimidation around the globe. Have you considered how many places these guys raise their devious heads? Well, besides Afghanistan and Iraq, let’s try Saudi Arabia. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. President Bush pulled our military out of this Arab nation for many reasons, one of which is the Saudi royal family cannot control the terrorists within their own borders.

How about the terrorist activities that have been foisted upon the peoples of Indonesia? You may need to grab your world map to refresh your memory as to where this string of islands is located. “But aren’t they all Muslims down there?” you ask. No. And those island regions of Indonesia which do not embrace radical Islam are being systematically targeted. Two Christian girls were walking to school recently when they were accosted by several radical Muslim men who publicly beheaded the girls for being infidels.

Then there’s Australia. That’s right – the land “Down Under.” Australian girls and women are being continuously harassed by roving bands of young Muslim men who believe they have the right to conduct themselves in so ungentlemanly a fashion because these women are unbelievers. Such thinking, in their minds, validates their unseemly behavior. These clowns trail these women down the street making every imaginary ugly comment that comes to their demented minds. Others, emboldened by their successes, make advances on the women with unwanted touching and insults. These incidents are not isolated cases, but have become endemic. The authorities don’t seem to know how to get a handle on this unwelcome behavior. Where’s Crocodile Dundee when you need him?

Militant Muslims are arousing concerns in Japan. Again, don’t be surprised. Whenever the world community attempts to placate miscreants, we always wind up having to come along and slap them back down. In our previous century the world community had to bring force against Germany twice and Japan once. Now that we’re well into the 21st Century, who will stop the terrorists?

Of course, we have seen in the past couple of months Muslim renegades rampaging across Europe, stunning the alarmed yet complacent leaders of France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and the like. Even Russia is wrestling with this problem within their borders. After much hand-wringing and assurances that the military would not be used to stop the rioting, the leaders of these once great nations have been thoroughly cowed by a band of hooligans. And all that nonsense about these displaced Muslims not being allowed equal status in their adopted European countries is a bunch of hooey. My family and I moved to Europe forty-five years ago where we spent the next three years – one year in Paris and two years in Norway. Believe me, these countries, France in particular, were so open and accepting of others, including their often deviant behavior, it’s no wonder they have found themselves with unwanted residents in their midst. Who will stop the terrorists?

That erstwhile boxing promoter and gadfly, Don King, made a surprisingly erudite comment not long ago regarding terrorists and terrorism. “Terrorism anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere,” he said. Having been in the fight game for as long as he has, he knows a thing or two about people who are a threat to others, and who attempt to cause fear through intimidation. Whatever you may think of Don King, he’s got this right. So let me ask you again: Who will stop the terrorists?

Listen carefully. These are not disadvantaged people. They are not singled out for harassment while living in Western nations, including America. They simply have a different, and may I add, deadly, world view. Their intent is the elimination and extermination of Israel and all Jews everywhere, and all non-Muslims who do not embrace their distorted brand of Islam.

While our men and women in uniform are battling these maniacal vermin on the other side of the world, they are expecting that we here in America will not allow them to take root and destroy the very foundation of our great nation.

Who will stop the terrorists? Will you? Will you support and defend the ideals and principles that have made America a great and powerful country? Will you engage in the political process to ensure we have elected representatives who will take our issues and concerns to Congress? Taking time to vote when opportunity is given is one of the best ways to defeat terrorists. That’s one of the reasons we’re winning in Iraq and around the world. It’s tough to defeat the ballot box when the people have spoken. Iraq has recently learned this wonderful truth.

President Bush said it best on November 19, 2001. This statement alone sums up the ultimate demise of these malefactors, “Terrorists have no home in any faith. Evil has no holy days.”

Even if the rest of the world should capitulate to these radical terrorists, we must not. If we do not shoulder the burden of stopping the terrorists, who will?

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