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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Impending Culture Clash


The United States is set on a course for a major cultural clash unless we return to those values that made our nation great and the envy of the nations of the world.

For the last couple of decades Europe has experienced an influx of Muslims who had no intention of assimilating to the culture of the country where they chose to settle, be that France, England, Holland, or any of the other countries that make up the European Continent. Because the philosophy of Islam is to conquer wherever they settle, Europe was ill-prepared to handle the large numbers of Muslims desiring to make Europe their new home. Europe has historically maintained an open-door policy when it comes to immigration. This has worked fairly well for a long time. The reason it has worked well is for the simple reason that those who immigrated to a European country embraced the culture of that country. But the Muslim influx is another issue all-together.

For the past several years many European countries have found themselves engaged in clashes with their Muslim neighbors. Not long ago British courts allowed sharia law to be legal in Great Britain. This shocked me, and I don’t shock easily anymore. Just today I heard on the news that churches in England are shutting down due to diminished attendance. As each of these churches closes, Muslims buy the church and convert it to a mosque. This is part of the principle of conquest within Islam. France has had rioting which has lasted for weeks where Muslim youth rampage through neighborhoods overturning cars and setting them on fire, torching stores, and all sorts of bedlam, costing millions of dollars in destruction.

Now we in the United States are facing these same challenges. Muslims complain about their women having to reveal their faces so a picture can be taken for driver’s licenses and other forms of personal identification. The most recent challenge by Muslims in America is a concerted effort to legalize – you guessed it – sharia law. Make no mistake, there are judges who are seriously considering allowing this to become part of our American law. Do you know what sharia law allows? Muslim states are theocracies. This means that religious law is law for everyone. Sharia is primarily law handed down from Allah, the god of the Muslims, to Muhammad the prophet.

Consider these laws from sharia: It is forbidden for post-pubescent women to expose their faces in public. While in public, women must cover their faces with a Hijab, a face scarf (Roy Orbison’s hit, Pretty Woman, would never see the light of day!). The use of alcohol and the consumption of pork are prohibited (So much for a cold beer and a hot dog at the ballgame!). Because Muslim states are theocratic, any criticism of the government is taken as blasphemy, for which sharia prescribes prison or death (I can imagine Congress embracing this law!). Want some more?

Men can have up to four wives and can divorce (called talaq) at their option. If they do not divorce their first wife but just abandon her, she is obliged to carry on as a married woman and cannot seek out another spouse without risking the traditional punishment for adultery: stoning. Stoning is done in public by first wrapping a person in a blanket and burying them in a deep hole exposing their head, and the population gathered around is invited to throw large stones at the adulterer, the size of which sharia law prescribes, and the sentence is always fatal. (That’s a sure way to reduce the high divorce rate in America!). The penalty after a fourth conviction of a homosexual act is death (I’m not feeling a lot of love here!). Adoption is not allowed. Adults can become guardians of the children of others but not the legal parents through adoption (Actually, these children become slaves to the adoptive family.). Sharia law prohibits dating and marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim and it is practically impossible for a Muslim (even a recent convert) to renounce the Muslim faith (Choose carefully!).

Many states which implement sharia law have blasphemy statutes which punish by prison or death any person preaching Christianity, or are found guilty of the distribution of Christian items (Wow! I would be in so much trouble!).

Let me close with this final statement regarding sharia law: “As with most theocracies, sharia law is difficult if not impossible to reconcile with the fundamental principles of democracy. One of the features of sharia is that, in theory, it is invariable and stable. Democratic principles such as political pluralism and the constant tug towards expanding individual freedoms are incompatible with sharia.” (

It is inevitable that sharia and western democracy will clash. They already have. The question is – what will America look like when the dust settles?

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