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Monday, January 11, 2016

Character Does Matter

Roots in Ripon
11 January 2016
Chuck Roots

Character Does Matter

          It’s hard to not be aware that we are in an election year. The main stream media (MSM) is covering the various assortment of candidates in the same manner as vultures circling the rotting carcasses of dead and dying buffalo on the open plain. “What juicy little morsel might we find on this one, eh?” The scrutiny, also known as vetting, is in full swing and everyone is fair game with one caveat – If the MSM likes you and you are in step with their philosophical and political points of view, then you are declared sacrosanct.

          Some time back, probably three or four years, I wrote an article on the importance of character in our elected officials. I would like to revisit this topic in this article.

          You might recall the brouhaha during the 1992 presidential race involving the sordid affairs of one Bill Clinton. As the news reporters uncovered one woman after another who claimed to have had a relationship with Clinton, or was otherwise seduced by him, such degeneracy filled our TV screens nightly. It got to the point where the Democrat Party had to do something to tone this story down because their candidate, Bill Clinton, was looking bad. Two things happened: First, there was a pre-arranged interview with Bill & Hillary Clinton in which Hillary famously said to the interviewer who was pressing the matter of Bill’s blatant infidelities, “If it doesn’t bother me, why should it bother you?” That question-cum-challenge shut the door on further questioning. Had I been the interviewer I would not have let that go. Regardless of what you may think the state of the Clinton’s marriage in, no woman ever wants to be shamed by her husband’s indiscretions with other women. And certainly not on the international world stage which the MSM plays on.

Second, all the sycophants of the Democrat Party drank the cool-aid, parroting the new philosophy that what a person does in private doesn’t really matter and has no direct effect on their ability to govern. The new catch phrase being spoken by the leaders of the Democrat Party, pundits, and even the MSM became a mantra intoned by all – “Character doesn’t matter.” That was a stunner.

This was troubling for many reasons, but the primary reason it left many of us unsettled had to do with national security. A president who was dishonoring his marriage vows was to be considered a reprobate. Further, if he could be enticed to enter into a sexual liaison, then he was subject to blackmail by our nation’s enemies. He compromises his position of authority which has been entrusted to him by “We the People.” Add to that the matter that the president has the obligation through his office to protect the American people, and we’ve got a major problem.

As I was growing up it was strongly impressed upon us as kids that character was everything. If you lacked character then you were not a person to be trusted. I remember my folks saying things like, “Don’t ever lie to me, because if you do, then I’ll never know if you are speaking the truth.” Or this one, “When you give someone your word, you are bound to it and must keep your word.” Teachers in school taught these same values. These values were even put in front of us through radio and television. But virtue and morality in the film industry all began to crumble with the advent of the Film Rating System in 1968.

The Bible has much to say about a person’s character. The most notorious person mentioned in the Bible would be the man who intentionally betrayed Jesus, willingly turning him over to the authorities to be crucified. His name, of course, is Judas. Judas Iscariot. His lack of true character set in motion the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus. All for 30 pieces of silver! In today’s currency that’s about $500.00.

Unsavory characters are replete in the Bible. It is the result of the human condition known as a “sinful nature.” Jesus willingly went to the cross in order to offer you and me a new opportunity at life. A degraded or degenerate person can become a new person with an entirely new character once they’ve had a personal encounter with Jesus. Our sin nature is transformed by the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus.

Personally, I want elected officials and national leaders to be men and women of the highest character. We as Americans should accept nothing less. And for those in office (way too many, I fear) who have sacrificed their character on the altar of political correctness, and/or for the lust of power, then it’s time to send them packing!

 Might God grant us another stellar person of godly character like our founding father, George Washington? I would pray that it was so.

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