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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fed Up!

             I’m fed up!

I’m fed up with governmental policies that are weakening our nation through illegal backroom deals with countries that hate our guts and will use any advantage to bring about the death of Americans along with the inevitable demise of our country.

I’m fed up with the “sissy-fication” of our military, particularly the Marine Corps following the recent murders of four Marine recruiters and a sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I’m fed up with our military being used for social experimentation creating disastrous policies that damage good order and discipline.  

I’m fed up with a public school system that believes it is smarter and better equipped at teaching children than the parents of those same kids.

I’m fed up with California special interest groups worrying about the possible extinction of some fish to the extent that politicians bow and scrape to their wishes, while farmers and everyday Americans are forced to cut back on the most important element of life – Water.

I’m fed up with politicians who appear to be more interested in insuring their retirement check than they are of making sound political decisions for their constituents.

I’m fed up with what clearly appears to be an attempt by certain high profile persons to set our country back seventy years in race relations.

I’m fed up with police officers being criticized for doing their job; and when it comes to those few “bad apples,” the police have always done pretty well cleaning up their own messes.

I’m fed up with those who want to tear down the finest institution in the world – the church – which has done so much good helping its fellow man.

I’m fed up with those in government who are attempting to appease groups or nations that clearly hate us and are doing everything in their power to destroy the United States.

I’m fed up with those who brazenly attack and denigrate our Constitution which, apart from the Bible, is the greatest document ever produced.

I’m fed up with attempts made to take away our rights as Americans which have been fought for and secured through the blood of patriots.

I’m fed up with a Congress and a president who seem incapable of addressing and resolving a problem of great significance – Illegal Immigration.

I’m fed up with certain people who hate our country so much that they desecrate the American flag in unspeakable terms.

I’m fed up with a legal system that legitimizes the wanton murder of unborn babies.

There is so much more I could say about things I’m fed up with. But you get the point.

May I remind you that we are Americans. We don’t back up for anyone, and certainly not for these crazed Jihadists, be they ISIS, or whatever flavor-of-the-week Islamic terrorist happens to be. Have Marine recruiters not wear their uniform? That is absurd. Are we so filled with fear as a nation that we cower before these spineless and heartless religious zealots? I don’t think so.

The way this ought to go down is to face the fact that as an open society with porous borders we are going to have challenges to our way of life by those who resent the hardworking ethos of Americans and its place in the world. Those who are here to do us harm need to be hunted down and removed from the scene. If that means we take them out by force, then so be it. If we capture them, then we either incarcerate them or return them to their country of origin.

It has also been suggested that military members remove all signs, stickers, decals and insignias from their cars and other vehicles which identify them as being military. This is nonsense. Rather, we should ask every American to place patriotic and military stickers on their cars which would send a clear message to the bad guys that we’re not backing down for them or anyone. And if these clowns choose not to behave themselves as either guests or turncoats in our country then they will suffer the consequences.

As one of our national songs goes, “This is my country, land of my birth. This is my country, grandest on earth. I pledge thee my allegiance, America the Bold, for this is my country, to have and to hold.”


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Joe Harden said...

Beautifully stated. A very heartfelt "Amen".