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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Art Linkletter put it best: Kids say the darndest things!

I thought I might share some of my favorite quips spoken by our 3½-year-old granddaughter, Alyssa Grace. Her mom is our oldest daughter, Laura. During the course of a week, Laura often text messages several priceless remarks that Alyssa has made. They will be listed by topic in this article.

Headache: Here’s the most recent of Alyssa’s gems: Laura was trying to rest, suffering from a migraine, so she tells Alyssa, “Mommy has a headache.” Alyssa looks at her mom and says, “That head right there?” After Laura finished laughing, she said, “Yup! That’s the only head mommy has.” When I read this as a text message from Laura I was walking from my car across a parking lot. Well, I stopped in my tracks and just laughed out loud! I’m sure people around thought there was something seriously wrong with me.

Golf: Another comment the other evening, seemingly coming out of nowhere, was this discerning bit of insight. Alyssa announced to her mother, “When I get bigger I want to play golf like Dandaddy and Daddy!” That’s my girl! (She calls me Dandaddy, and my wife is Meema.)

Polka Dots: The other day Laura and Alyssa stop by AT&T where Alyssa sees a lady with freckles all over her face. Laura saw it coming but was unable to prevent what came out of Alyssa’s mouth. Fascinated, Alyssa looked at the lady and said, “You have polka dots all over your face. Did you get an owie?” Laura says the lady was super nice about the whole thing.

Fat Pickles: As is their habit at dinner, Ken (Alyssa’s dad) and Laura will bow for prayer. Alyssa frequently is the one who offers the prayer of blessing. On this particular evening she offered this bit of thanks for the food. “Dear Jesus, thank you for the food, thank you for fat pickles, and thank you for the whole wide world. Amen!” Laura tells us she has no idea where “fat pickles” came from.

Brookie, Deziray, Alyssa
Macaroni: Occasionally Alyssa gets to spend the day with her cousin (they call each other Cuz), 3-year-old Brookie, daughter of our youngest, Jenny. Recently the cousins were together at Laura’s home eating macaroni and cheese. Brookie spilled some of the noodles on the floor. So, being the older cousin (5 months!), Alyssa felt it to be her duty to point out Brookie’s breach of table etiquette. Brookie simply replied, “It’s okay, Cuz. Your mommy will clean it up!”

Red Light: Laura was sitting at a traffic signal that was taking forever to change when she hears this voice from the back seat, “Turn green already!”

Play Set: Alyssa saw this really cool back yard play set at the store and says, “Mommy, I want this!” The play set was listed at $4000! Laura said, “I know you want it, baby, but mommy doesn’t have the money to buy it.” Alyssa then says, “Where’s the piggy?” “The piggy? What piggy? Why do you want the piggy?” asked Laura. Alyssa says, “Mommy, the piggy with monies in it so you can buy it!”

Cat: Alyssa was holding their cat who decided this was not to his liking. As the cat was fussing and squirming, Alyssa says, “Calm down, crazy child!” Hmmm, wonder where Alyssa has heard that?

Hugs: In a spontaneous gesture that makes young ones so delightful, Alyssa reached over and hugged her mother, saying, “You’re my best friend, mommy!”

Dandaddy and Alyssa
 Boss: Alyssa made this startling announcement to her mother. “You are not the boss! Daddy is.” Her mom said, “I’m not a boss?” “No!” said Alyssa, “You’re my mommy and I’m Alyssa!”

Letters: So one day Alyssa is going over her letters with her mom. She’s holding up letters, and then asking her mom, “What letter is this?” After her mom answers, she says, “Okay!” Then she says, “Good job, mommy! You’re my big helper!”

Queen: Alyssa felt it was important to establish the female pecking order in the home, so she tells her mom, “I’m the queen, and you’re the princess.”

Cake: What kid doesn’t love cake and ice cream? Well, Alyssa had this comment while eating a dish of ice cream. “I want cake. Cake is warm.”

Chocolate Chips: Here’s a situation we can all appreciate! While in the process of making chocolate chip cookies, Laura told Alyssa that she needed to put the chocolate chips in the cookie dough, not in her mouth. Alyssa said, “No! I wanna eat them!”

Jesus: Alyssa announced one day, “Jesus is in my heart, and Meema and Dandaddy found him too, in a box!”

I hope you get a chuckle or two from these priceless moments with Alyssa. As you can tell, Meema and I are having a ball being grandparents!

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